The hidden cost behind your delivery revealed by Deliberr

Thinking about saving time on cooking and getting food delivery instead? Between fussing around with groceries and saving time and effort you pick delivery? You are not the only one. Statistics show that 31% of U.S. consumers use third-party delivery services at least twice a week. The average person spends 40-60 minutes preparing a home-cooked meal from scratch. That is why more people would rather choose to get food delivered from their favorite local restaurant.

But have you ever wondered how much restaurant gains when you order something using third-party apps? Such major companies as Grubhub and UbearEats charge the skyrocket commissions from restaurants, and along with that, they implement service fees from customers. Local businesses already pay for labor and expenses, so giving away 30-40% of their profit makes them shut their doors for good.

When it comes to which delivery service to use, restaurants after comparing the fees are often struggling to make a decision. In spite of generating incremental sales, they will give the major part of the profit to third-party apps. That is one of the many reasons why we created Deliberr. Our delivery service makes a positive difference in the delivery segment market.  Deliberr does not charge restaurant commissions and doesn't interfere with the direct relationship between a restaurant and its customer. Our business model is designed to benefit both restaurants and their clients.

You as a customer can help local restaurants to prosper.  Order delivery directly from a store, so that your money will go straight to the restaurant and not to the third-party apps. Help us to spread the word about skyrocket fees that other companies charge you. If you are our partner restaurant share your story about how Deliberr changed your life.

Check below how much you can gain while using Deliberr delivery service.

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