Things to consider when you add a delivery option

In light of the challenging times brought on by Covid-19, more restaurants are adding delivery options. Partnering with courier service is a way of keeping restaurants afloat. Commonly delivery experience won't replace dine-in, but pandemic changes this scenario.

The prime choice that will need to be done is whether to build your own system or rely on third-party apps. Adding a delivery option increases complexity, which is why Deliberr wants to highlight crucial concerns before you sign the contract with third-party apps.

  • Paying hefty commissions. Third-party apps charge a 25-30% commission fee, but then there are 3% credit card fee and 50 cents per-order fee, so it adds up to about 35-40%. Those fees add up quickly and they directly impact your profit.
  • Sponsored listings. If your commission rate is non-sponsored, your restaurant will not be prioritized in searches. It's most likely that your restaurant will appear on the last page of the listing. If you are trying to increase publicity it can be a great issue. Moreover, by continuing race for the chance to be listed on top,  your competitors can offer higher commissions, thus paying for sponsored listings can turn into a vicious circle.  You may end up paying for a sponsored listing without getting the desired results.
  • Customer data. By setting up your online ordering website for deliveries all customer data remains safe with you. By keeping customers information you can see a lot of opportunities by using remarketing campaigns. Third-party apps can divert your customers away from your website to other competitors on their platform.
  • Relationships with customers. If not choosing the most suitable delivery service you risk losing loyal customers.  Most of the companies do not train their drivers which leads to providing a poor delivery service. Customers are focused on positive experience, not loyalty, so your loyal customers will not stick with you if their order gets late a couple of times. When there is an issue with the order half of the customers fault the restaurant rather than a third-party app.

    Before signing the contract consider all the details of the proposed partnership and choose wisely. Take control of your brand, reputation, and customer experience.  The right company and strategy will help you to keep control of your delivery operation.

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