Tips from Deliberr on how to boost your restaurant on social media

Investment bank UBS predicts that by the end of 2030 most meals would be ordered online and delivered. The current situation with Covid-19 only confirms that statement. With increasing demand, the competition on the market becomes more intense, and the success becomes harder to achieve. Social media can be one of the solutions to attract more customers and increase your competitive advantage.

Deliberr team collected these top tips below to help you boost your restaurant's brand.

  • Set up social media accounts. By being visible on Web, it is easier for everybody to order from your restaurant anywhere and anytime.
  • Use great visuals to grant an appealing taste. Remember that great photos sell stuff.
  • Show what is behind the scene. Take your customers where they cannot come: to your kitchen, and show how their favorite dishes are prepared.
  • Collaborate with YouTube personalities. You can create engaging content by partnering with local food bloggers and YouTubers. The result won't take a long time to wait. You will have more visitors, and your restaurant will boost search engine ranking.
  • Promote weekly specials. Who doesn't like freebie or giveaway? A successful promotion will help you to increase customer traffic.
  • Keep your customers up-to-date. Social media is one of the best ways to keep your customers updated about new items on the menu, discounts, or local events in which you participate.

As you can see, a social presence can help you turn your restaurant into a well-known local treasure. These steps will help you reach your targeted audience and make your restaurant stand out.

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